Have you seen those awesome GIFs or videos where animators show off their slick keyframes and smooth arcs? You know, the ones that usually include null layers, motion paths, and layer bounding boxes?  Unfortunately there isn't a native way for After Effects to render your animation with all those extra goodies. So how exactly do animators do that?

Well, in the past you had to select your layers, manually take a screenshot of every frame, and pray to the animation gods that you don't miss a frame or capture a frame twice. I mean, you just want to show off to producers at your favorite studio that you are the best in the business, right? Why do it the hard way?

Cyclops is an After Effects extension available for both Windows and macOS that makes it easy to capture the null layers, motion paths, and layer bounding boxes behind an animation. Cyclops is easy to use and really helps make the process quick and painless.

Cyclops also supports Cinema 4D as a plugin.

  • Export an image sequence from your After Effects Work Area.
  • Import that image sequence back into After Effects and automatically create a matching composition.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

I bought version 1 of Cyclops. Do I need to buy version 2?

No, you are eligible for a free upgrade. Please email me directly for a coupon code.

Where can I find tutorials on how to use Cyclops?

There are no video tutorials for Cyclops because it is so easy to use. However, if you do need help, Cyclops ships with an extremely detailed PDF instruction manual.

Will Cyclops show the wire-frames for layers inside a composition with Collapse Transformation?

Collapse Transformations doesn't reveal the motion paths for precomposed layers in your current composition so Cyclops won't be able to capture those.

I’m getting the error message ”Unable to execute script at line 69. Uncaught exception” or “Unable to execute script at line 70. Uncaught exception.” What do I do?

For some reason After Effects doesn’t always play nicely with Finder when Finder is showing hidden files. Usually you can run the script again or restart After Effects for it to work.

I'm getting the error message "Unable to execute script at line 1.Syntax Error." What do I do?

Make sure you are launching Cyclops via menu > Window > Extensions > Cyclops. Cyclops will not work any other way.

I'm getting the error message "Unable to execute script at line 319. p is undefined." What do I do?

Uninstall Curva from Videohive when using Cyclops. For some reason they don't play well together!