I spend a lot of time inside of After Effects and I've developed several tools to make that time a little bit easier. I can't be the only one would want these tools so I've decided to share them with the world. Hopefully you find them as helpful as I have!


  • Inner Shadow - An inner shadow preset that gives Inner Shadow layer style intuitive controls
  • Stroke - A stroke preset that uses a Stroke layer style and doesn't require a mask
  • Rigged Box - A shape layer preset, built with Paul Slemmer, to make animating rectangles easier


  • Parametric Converter - A script that converts bezier shapes into parametric shapes while maintaining style
  • Hose Maker - A script that automatically will convert shape layers into RubberHose systems
  • Obsessive Layers - A script, built with Nol Honig, which helps manage your layer's in and out points


  • Gradient Hose - A RubberHose style that explores gradient hoses rather that just solid strokes