Cyclops 1.0

$15.00 for After Effects and Cinema 4D (when purchased together)

  • Export image sequence from After Effects or Cinema 4D
  • Import image sequence and automatically create a matching composition

What is Cyclops?

Creating animated GIFs and videos that capture the nulls, motion paths, and layer bounding boxes behind an animation should be easy. With Cyclops, it is.

Cyclops is available as a script for After Effects and as a plugin for Cinema 4D for Mac. Save money by purchasing both tools together.

Sharing is Caring

Sharing is the best part about behind the scenes videos and gifs. Use the hashtag #MadeWithCyclops when sharing your process!

Operating System Compatibility

The primary feature of Cyclops, exporting image sequences, is only available on Mac. However, you can still import image sequences and create compositions automatically on Windows.


How to use Cyclops